Potential Visitors

EXPO SOLAR is expected to search the optimum alternative to cope with present energy security and climate change as some 28,000 visitors from 25 countries are to visit, namely, visitors such as planner and executor of photovoltaic energy policy, staff of finance, venture investment capital, persons related to photovoltaic system, person in charge of design, operation & maintenance of architecture, construction, plant equipment, staff in the companies related to electric and power system.

Staff in the companies related to photovoltaic production and manufacture
Person in charge of designing, manufacturing and constructing photovoltaic generation
Person in charge of integrated photovoltaic system
Person in charge of designing, operating and maintaining architecture, construction and plant equipment
Staff in the company related to electric and power system
Planner and executor of energy policy in the government, public institutions and self-governing body
Person in charge of operating and maintaining energy for public institution
Person in charge of finance, venture capital and investment
Person in charge of project development
Person in charge of R&D related to photovoltaic
Person in charge of parts related to photovoltaic, companies supplying system and the distribution

Why is it necessary to visit?
To collect and share the latest technical information related to photovoltaic energy
To provide the opportunity of human network with companies supplying photovoltaic energy, consumer, competing company, other main      persons in charge of investment in the photovoltaic industry circle
To get new business opportunity to target global photovoltaic industry platform
To get opportunity for new products and technical development related to photovoltaic energy and network with companies related to service
To share exact information on the opportunity & risk to invest to photovoltaic energy in the global dimension
To personally meet experts so as to grasp the problem for commercialization of photovoltaic energy
To explore the possibility of potential funding for strategy of alternative energy & environmental conservation
To get opportunity for investor and developer of new project related to alternative energy to network with staff in the venture capital and      government


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- Overseas : interexpo@infothe.com