Conference Profile

As the largest solar energy exhibition in Asia, EXPO SOLAR simultaneously holds PV WORLD FORUM which provides the exhibitors and visitors with information on the latest technology related to photovoltaic and know-how related to market information, construction and design.
Thus, the visitors of this forum may gratuitously acquire broad and diverse technical know-how ranging from construction and installation related to photovoltaic, finance to market information. For the person in charge of photovoltaic energy, this conference is held in broad themes ranging from prospect of photovoltaic market to transfer of main technology and installation know-how.

PV Forum Focus & Target Groups
    냽Industrial and commercial roof-mounted photovoltaic power plant
    냽Prospect of trend & grid parity embodiment depending on reduction of PV generating equipment cost
    냽Understanding the system on supporting the difference amount in generation equipment of each country
    냽Developing technology related to solar cell & module and new materials as well as cases of application
    냽Program to apply materials related to very efficient solar cell & module, production technology and organic chemical materials
    냽Technology applied to silicon solar cell and materials based on wafer
    냽Technical tendency related to crystalline solar cell of thin film
    냽Tendency of integrating PV system parts and system
    냽Tendency of designing and building PV generation system and grid interface
    냽Analyzing trend of PV system market and life cycle of PV system

ATTENDEE PROFILE of main participants
    냽Landowner and building owner
    냽Owner of plant and real estate for industry
    냽Individual investor, person in charge of investment fund and venture capital
    냽Person in charge of financial circle and lease company
    냽Person in charge of legal and advisory institution
    냽Person in charge of engineering company
    냽Person in charge of insurer and guarantee company


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