Exhibition Booth
8 raw space booths (72sqm) is provided at free of charge
- Actual Cost: USD 16,000

If management and staff of overseas head office and overseas buyer are invited, accommodation is provided up to 2 persons
- The 5 star -level and 1st grade hotel in KINTEX, Daemyung Hotel for 3 nights and 4days
- Acutual Cost : USD 1,000~USD1,500

Advertisement in the Event Directory
Free advertisement in the inner cover of directory (1P)
- 50,000 copies are expected to be distributed
- Acutual Cost : USD 1,000

Welcoming Reception
VIP reception, 2 free invitation cards are presented to customers

Publicity on the Press
Providing the companies with priority for interview when press and broadcasting station gather news

Bus Wrapping Banner
Wrapping banner of shuttle bus for visitor to publicize company logo

Publicity Advertisement
Free advertisement on the overpass, publicity materials and posting company logo
- Leaflet(50,000copies), invitation card (200,000copies), placard, lecture materials (10,000copies), signboard on the overpass in the main cities nationwide
- Acutual Cost : USD 5,000

Buyer Tour
Overseas buyer and VIP tour: inducing to visit booth

Opportunity of Presentation
Providing opportunity to give lecture in PV World Forum
- Publicizing company logo by hanging placard in the event hall of conference
- Acutual Cost : USD 2,000

Explanatory Meeting to Induce Investment
Providing company the opportunity to participate in the explanatory meeting to induce investment

Online Publicity
Publicity of company logo on the main home page and vicariously sending e-mail and newsletter of the company
- www.ExpoSolar.org
- Acutual Cost : USD 3,000

Total : USD 32,500       Sale : USD 18,000


- Korean : expo@infothe.com
- Overseas : interexpo@infothe.com