Exhibition Booth
4 raw space booths (36sqm) is provided at free of charge
- Actual Cost: USD 8,000

If management and staff of overseas head office and overseas buyer are invited, accommodation is provided up to 1 persons
- The 5 star -level and 1st grade hotel in KINTEX, Daemyung Hotel for 3 nights and 4days
- Acutual Cost : USD 500~USD 750

Welcoming Reception
VIP reception, 2 free invitation cards are presented to customers

Publicity Advertisement
Free advertisement on the overpass, publicity materials and posting company logo
- Leaflet(50,000copies), invitation card (200,000copies), placard, lecture materials (10,000copies), signboard on the overpass in the main cities nationwide
- Acutual Cost : USD 5,000

Advertisement in the Event Directory
Free advertisement in the inner cover of directory (1P)
- 50,000 copies are expected to be distributed
- Acutual Cost : USD 1,000

Total : USD 15,200       Sale : USD 9,000


- Korean : expo@infothe.com
- Overseas : interexpo@infothe.com