Features of EXPO SOLAR

Making a leap forward in 2024

To be held as photovoltaic exhibition in the aspect of exhibited items and exhibitor
The exhibition related to photovoltaic is held in 2 types exhibition specialized in photovoltaic and exhibition of new recycled energy.
EXPO SOLAR/PV Korea is the only exhibition specialized in photovoltaic held in Korea.

As photovoltaic market moves from Europe to Asia, Asian photovoltaic exhibition rapidly arouses interest.
As China and Japan entered into Top 5 in the global market last year in the aspect of installation scale for the first time, the global photovoltaic market of photovoltaic generation system is moving from Europe to USA and Asia in full scale.

To hold active business talk for export and buyer through special invitation of overseas buyers specialized in photovoltaic
As EXPO SOLAR/PV Korea is to be operated by planning special invitation program for overseas buyers specialized in photovoltaic for the first time in the history of exhibition, it is expected that EXPO SOLAR/PV Korea would be crowded with Qualified Visitor.
Since deluxe hotels are opened around KINTEX and thus 5 main countries related to photovoltaic, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan and China are to operate local Visitor Delegation program, we are sure that the amount of purchase and business talk with buyers on the site will establish the highest record in the history.

Why is it necessary to participate in EXPO SOLAR 2024?

Large foreign companies specialized in solar energy are to participate in full scale.
The global companies are visibly increasing investment to equipment, because the installation capacity of global photovoltaic system is steadily increasing, the price of solar cell and module is stabilized and the tendency of price reduction is decelerated. Thus, considering the potential demand of global market, the global PV market will be the starting point to form new investment cycle in PV industry for the 2nd quarter in 2024.
Program to induce large-scaled overseas participants & buyer will be operated to leap toward one of the 3 largest photovoltaic exhibitions in Asia
Asia is rapidly rising as the global PV market at present due to operation of program to induce large-scaled overseas participants and buyers so as to leap toward one of the 3 largest photovoltaic exhibitions in Asia, financial crisis of Europe and reduction of FIT policy by German Government.
Thus, EXPO SOLAR 2024 is to be operated by expanding program that invites and supports qualified buyers so as to induce more overseas buyers than ever, e.g., constructing national pavilion of Germany, USA and China.

Held at KINTEX, the metropolitan area of Korea
Not only Korean manufactures related to photovoltaic, but the actual users of photovoltaic generation system (EPC, subsidiary company of generation, constructor, installing company, etc) are intensively located in metropolitan area including Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. Thus, it is advantageous to hold global solar energy EXPO in the metropolitan area to which decision makers of project and buyers can approach with ease.


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